Difference Dragon Roleplay Site

You are different from the others!!

You are a dragon, hatchling or elder. You are very different from the others. You have unique powers and features. Others hate you because you are different but it is time to shine and let them know how special you really are.

Welcome to Difference a Dragon Roleplay Site. Here you RP as a dragon character, start a clan or start as a loner first. Find a mate and raise hatchlings. This is the ultimate dragon RP experience. You get to RP in a clan, as a loner, as a hatchling, elder or even an undead dragon. 

Participate in a majority of different types of roleplays with interesting plots and characters. Expand the universe in which these dragons live in. Change the wave of battle with the use of various powers installed in your dragon. Become the evil or be the hero. Whatever you may choose to be. Humans, robots or any other thing can be involved in the dragon roleplays. So come and join and feel the difference!!